Pneumatic muffler sintered bronze R3/8''
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Pneumatic muffler sintered...
Pneumatic muffler sintered...
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Pneumatic muffler sintered bronze R3/8''


Muffler of sintered bronze with G3/8" male thread. Amongst others suited for pneumatic valves with exhaust ports.

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USD $3.47
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Pneumatic sintered bronze muffler with G3/8" male thread.

Compressed air that exits a compressed air system can be very loud and harmful. The high frequency and intensity of the noise are a potential risk for the hearing. A simple, cost-effective solution, is to install a air silencer at a vent point. Some examples are the outputs ports of a pneumatic solenoid valve, or an unloader valve on a compressor. The damper is screwed into the outlet port and instantly provides a strong sound reduction.

dimensions of the compressed air silencer

Dimensions: W=18mm, H=25mm


  • Type of accessory/spare part
  • Housing
  • Length (mm)