Collection:Pressure Switches And Transducers

Collection: Pressure Switches And Transducers

Pressure Switches And Transducers

Tameson offers a wide range of pressure switches and pressure transducers (transmitters). Our product range consists of many different types of mechanical pressure switches, electronic pressure switches, air compressor pressure switches, vacuum switches and pressure transducers. Pressure switches are used to open or close an electrical circuit when the setting pressure value is achieved. Pressure transducers are used to measure pressure and convert the pressure value into an electrical output signal.

  • Pressure switches operate an electrical contact when a certain fluid pressure has been reached.
  • Vacuum switches are a subgroup of pressure switches and especially suited to operate in vacuum systems.
  • Compressor pressure switches are a subgroup of pressure switches especially developed to control compressors, but also water pumps and other applications.
  • Pressure transducers convert a fluid pressure into an electrical output signal. Pressure sensors are also referred to as pressure transmitters or pressure transducers. 

We provide different types of pressure and vacuum switches that are available with normally open, normally closed, or changeover contacts. Suitable for a wide range of pressure and overpressure ranges. Furthermore, different hysteresis and switching capacities are available to suit every need. Our pressure switches are suitable for various media, such as hydraulic oil, air, water and many others. Furthermore, choose between different features such as adjustment wheels, low hysteresis, ATEX approval or mini designs. There is an "IO link" option for electronic pressure switches.

Pressure transducers are also available in a wide pressure measuring range. We offer a wide range of different non-linearity classes and different output signals. Choose a pressure transducer if your application’s control systems are sophisticated, continual monitoring is needed, and/or high accuracy and repeatability are required.

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