Collection:Position Sensor Pneumatic Cylinders

Collection: Position Sensor Pneumatic Cylinders

Position Sensor Pneumatic Cylinders

View Tameson’s range of pneumatic cylinder position sensors. Our reed sensors (magnetic proximity sensors) detect the magnetic field of a magnet that is integrated in the cylinder piston to determine the linear position of the piston. They will either indicate “ON or “OFF based on proximity to the magnet, so the mounting position is important. For example, if you want the sensor to indicate “ON when the piston is extended, you can mount the sensor towards the front of the cylinder. Multiple sensors can be used on one pneumatic cylinder to verify different set positions.

Our sensors have varying lengths of cable or can come with an M8 connection. The wiring method options are either 2 or 3 wire. For our current selection, the 3 wire method is only available for the ISO 15552 sensors and have the option of either NPN or PNP.

Reed sensors are the most common type of pneumatic cylinder position sensor because they are proven technology, have a long life-time, have good resistance to vibration and are cost effective. We have different styles to allow for mounting to either an ISO 15552, ISO 21287 or ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinder. If you have questions, read our position sensor article or contact us.